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We cleanse ourselves externally on a daily basis, but wellness and
beauty radiate from the inside out. That’s why it’s important to also
periodically cleanse ourselves internally for optimum health.


Welcome to Healing Waters, your one-stop place for optimal health.
We offer colon cleansing, massage, lymphatic drainage,
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       Life today allows us to experience in one week what might have taken a lifetime just a century ago. We can travel around the world, interact with people from other cultures and enjoy imported food and drinks, for instance. Look around any room and you will see products from places that you might have a hard time locating on the map.
        The down side is that we are also importing digestive disorders and accumulated wastes and toxins. Mosquitoes carry disease to us from as far away as the Nile River Delta. If mosquitoes can infect us with a simple bite, it’s no surprise that exposing ourselves to foreign food and drink can contribute to digestive disorders and toxin accumulation.
        We live in a society of traveling, takeout, and fast food. As a result, our bodies often develop inabilities to eliminate all of the wastes in our systems. We are witnessing an increase in conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diverticulitis, lupus, skin conditions, abdominal pain, constipation and chronic diarrhea.
        Proper elimination is crucial for us to avoid these ailments. There are five major eliminative systems within our body. They are the skin or epidermis, the lungs, the liver, the kidneys, and the colon. Excess toxins in our system weakens and shuts down our organs.
         At Healing Waters, we offer ways to to help you cleanse and detoxify like colon hydrotherapy, ionic footbaths, body wraps and supplements that really work. We are opening a school for colon hydrotherapists and are happy to offer cleansing retreats in your area.

All the best,
Georgia Cold, Founder of Healing Waters


Here's what our customers say about us.

I began going to Georgia Cold in June of 2008. I would have never dreamed of the dramatic results I personally obtained! Prior to going I had foggy memory, (I always had great memorization of things) as well as depression, weight gain, no energy, severe pain in my muscles and joints.

I had been to several doctors and they pretty much chalked it up to getting older. ( Ha! I just turned 54) and in my book that is not old, even though some days I felt like 100 years old.

Well, after about the 3rd day I had so much energy I couldn't believe it. I actually felt like I was 25 again even though I think at 25 I didn't feel this good! I felt like someone turned on a lightbulb in my brain!

I have a better memory, no depression, lost 30 lbs, have energy, and no pain in my muscles and joints. I have a much more positive outlook on life. I could not believe what came out of my body! I have never been to a foreign country, but I am a believer about parasites and mucous plaque in the colon.

I hope all who read this will at least give it a try! If anyone wants to contact me to talk to me in person you can call Healing Waters and get my telephone number from Georgia.

To Your Health, Karla Johnson



   Blogging about Georgia's Master Cleanse, by Dorothy Delaney

It feels wonderful, and I'm so excited, like I'm doing a Dream-Vision Journey, or something. We'll see. After the first hydrotherapy last Tuesday, a liver spot on my hand went completely away, just vanished. God knows what else happened, besides the enormous, never-failing energy for 6 days now! Woohoo! I'm so excited. No reason to cancel any of my classes I teach, she says, because I'll have tons of energy, and my stomach will be really flat. Neat! Doing walking today with my dog, did yoga already.

Georgia writes, 3 -Day Cleanse, 5-Day Cleanse, 7-Day Cleanse
"This cleanse pulls the deepest ropes out of the body, allowing the body to heal itself on the very deepest level. It pulls the toxins, heavy metals and poisons out of the body, along with impactions, fecal matter, mucus, pus, and parasites. You will also want to use Swiss Kriss laxatives. If you would like to continue the cleanse longer than 7 days, please schedule 2-3 weeks in advance."

Day 1 - 5 p.m. This is when I usually stop eating, so I will on this fast, as well. The day went well, my goodness, that's alot of liquids! Had to go the bathroom alot! Time for the last beet juice mix, but I'm not sure I want it! Other than that I stayed on the fast; just felt cold all day. (not strange in Bozeman, Mt, at 44 degrees, but strange for me. I don't usually feel cold.)
Found myself dancing across the living room and singing in the bathroom. This is just so completely right, right now. You just gotta do something when it feels right! Walked my dog and did some yoga.

Day 2 - 8 a.m. Got up at 6:30 a.m and feel absolutely wonderful, not light-headed or anything! No detox symptoms., except the chilliness. My skin looks better. While I was reading the day of my colon therapy, a bump on my forehead stung, and I just brushed it off. Brushed it off?! Weird, and it's gone. Weird. But great! That bump has been there for about a year! Looking forward to doing the hydrocolon therapy again tonight at 6 p.m.!
Yesterday, and still, very grateful that I was a raw-foodist before tackling this fast. No desires for bread, or cheese, or cokes, or meat, or chips. I actually didn't want anything in particular! Except to eat, in general. i usually have alot more calories, nuts, seeds and chocolate. But no cravings! That is a miracle.

9 p.m. Stilllll....the buzzing energy. It's been one week!I just had the 2nd cleanse, and feel amazing. I made it through day 2, so I feel great about that! And she said I could start adding some cucumber, kale, ginger, a little avocado for protein, since I don't eat eggs. I can't wait to see the benefits! woohoo! Taught tai chi today and walked my dog.

Day 3 - Okay, I can't believe I'm still on this fast. It's so unlike me! But seeing all that crap from my intestines leave my system this morning was a GREAT motivation! And she said there'd be more tomorrow! There was a little yeast the first day, and some built-up acid, which I'm verrry glad to get out of my body, where it was trapped. The beet juice is cleaning the liver and other organs, and plaque is continually leaving as well. Great news for my body.

My mind is still on a high, buzzing, buzzing, energy. Being cold has almost disappeared, the tongue is healthier. I still reallllly want more food, but noticed it's mostly during the noon to 2 p.m. hour, when I usually crave most of my calories. Did add the cucumber to the beet juice, as well as ginger root, and it's really good. Taught yoga and walked my dog today.

Day 4 - still fasting and I feel utterly fantastic! Got rid of alot of plaque during cleansing, 1 diverticuli, and 2 worms, yikes! She said they were over 10 years old. Oh, my gosh. I'm so glad I got those out of my body. All that stuff clinging to the colon. Yikes again. Whew! What a relief to have it out of there!

Taught yoga today, and walked my dog.

Day 5 - fasted well and added Power 7 Cleanse to water, 1 T in 4 glasses of water. Whoa, I'm still reeling from the cleanse this morning. I released SO much waste, plates of it, from 51 years of living, and 33 feet of colon. Oh, my gosh, I'm so happy! A huge, huge smile burst over my face, I got in the car, the kundalini rose to to my head and I just started crying. I feel the energy in my head again, as I write, and just so much happiness, joy, gratefulness and tears, you can't imagine. I'm so grateful to Georgia Cold for leading me through this cleansing.

It's amazing how the mindset changes from, "I want to eat," to "I want to cleanse!"

Lead some special olympics practice today, but was sleepy several times, and wanted to lie down. I took 3 power naps!

Day 6 - This morning and every morning for 10 days, felt ecstatic. Lots of cleansing, tons of plaque - more than yesterday! And one more worm, yikes again! Georgia said I will never have to do the cleanse and fast again! "It's permanent!" she said. I'm starting with a clean slate in my intestines. Just like being born again! And that's how I feel. Walked my dog today did some light yoga. Last day tomorrow! I'll be very grateful for all the raw food I eat!

Day 7 - Did the colon treatment today, still with fasting, and it turns out there'll be one more day of cleansing - still releasing alot of plaque from 51 years of living, and one hard ball of diverticuli again. One week of fasting/for 51 years of living isn't such a bad deal! And, my skin will be clearer (already is!)-4/7 age spots disappeared on my hand and arm. My eyes will be brighter, body lighter (already lost 8 pounds), more flexible, tons more energy (I sure know that already! I never want to go back!). I'll be able to absorb WAY more nutrients than I have since being a child. Little or no body odor/breath, low blood pressure will continue, arteries and veins will be free. I'm sure there's much more healing than I'll even know about! And kundalini rising! Yoga and walking today.

Day 8 - The therapist was quite surprised to find more plaque, today, but it's almost gone. Okay - tomorrow will be my last day, and then 10 days from now, one more to clean out debris. Today there was substantial plaque, 1 worm and 1 diverticuli, but also considerable pure beet juice flowing through the organs easily - the sign of a clear colon, a clear 33 foot colon! I came out and sat down for a minute, and felt clear exuberance. The body, not me emotionally, but the body, feels clean, and white, somehow, the stomach flat. I feel, ME, emotionally exuberant! Calm, clear running calm throughout me, like a river of easy calm, peace.

Doing tai chi now, and yoga now, will have wonderful free-flowing effects on my body! I can't wait to experience what I will experience!

Day 9 - Still waiting for the beet juice flowing through the intestines to be free-flowing of plaque and diverticuli, both of which were seen today - but not much! And one possible worm. So the therapist thinks tomorrow will be the last day. yahoo! Emotionally a little weary tonight, but physically high, so no problem continuing. Great tai chi class tonight, and wonderful swimming hour with a client today at work. Thank God Kevin, my husband, walked my dog for me, in this crazy weather! We had every possible weather here, in Bozeman today - rain, wind, snow, hail, sun, spring, and winter, cold, and warm sun also. Weird!

My skin looks beautiful tonight, beautiful for me. And my stomach was SO FLAT in my bathing suit. I have had zero body smells for over a week, and my weight stabilized 4 or 5 days ago. It's really living off it's simple nutrients!

Day 10 - Vibrant! More plaque though, and more diverticuli, without any sign of infection, so that's great! None or little mucus in the last days. Even the therapist is surprised how much plaque there is in my body, but I'm healing more every day, and alot of the beet water is running clear through my system. I did have a compete healing of my hip - what looked like nerve damage from an accident 40 years ago. I couldn't lay on my right side for more than a few minutes, for the last several months. It almost felt like burning, but not quite. And it has gone completely away and I sleep on my right side again! A miracle! Georgia says all is healed when the colon is cleansed - bones, nerves, muscles - all are cleansed when the body runs clear. And it appears to be true! Walked and did yoga today.

Day 11 - Felt cold and sleepy yesterday, during most of the day, and wanted to eat. The body is staying the same weight, but emotionally wanted to get off the fast. This morning am much of the same. We'll see what happens!

Yep, there's like 20 minutes of pure flowing beet juice, and then....ohhhhh, a long line of plaque and huge worm. I can't say it enough - I'm so glad to get that out of there! Disheartening for my emotions to still be going on the fast, but that's that! Very humbling for my money situation and having to still do the colonic.

Day 12 - So I just passed another 2 feet of plaque! Wowee, the body is gentle to me yet beautiful. It has to go 24 hours plaque free to be considered in a perfect, permanent state. So, in this moment, I'm motivated to continue. One more more day.....Oh! And another amazing night of being able to sleep on my side - zero discomfort! Zero pain! All signs of a problem, completely gone! THAT is a miracle. Thank you, God! I'm stopping today, and can eat whatever raw food I like again. Whewee! That's gonna be nice eating mangoes and strawberries and green shakes.... and everything. But just for 10 days. On the 10 th day I juice fast again, and then clean up my system and all the dregs and left-behinds to finish up. Georgia requested me to journal any more cleansing I might have during this time.

My skin looks amazing, by the way. I don't know if anyone else would notice, but it looks like a completely different skin than the person I'm used to. It's more dense, clear...newer! I can't wait to see how it reacts to the total cleanse over the years.

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